Between the Awujale and Otunba Mike Adenuga


FOR billionaire chairman of Globacom, Otunba Mike Adenuga Jr, the family unit is not just an important institution of life but about the most important. And he sees the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, not just as a monarch but as a father. Little wonder Adenuga and his telecommunication company, Globacom, have become the default backers of any event organised by the respected monarch whether in personal or official capacity.

So tight is the bond between the Apesin of Ijebuland and the Awujale that they have become each other’s confidants. Adenuga, ranked by Forbes as the second richest man in Nigeria, is connected to the Awujale with more than hailing from the same community. His mother, Oyindamola, hails from the Ijebu royal house, which makes him not just a friend and subject of the Awujale but also a brother.

Adenuga is never tired of seeking opportunities to demonstrate his love for the Awujale. In terms of financial backing, his companies are always at the forefront of popular Ijebu festivals or events held under the Awujale’s watch. The Ojude Oba Festival, the jewel in the crown of Ijebu cultural showpieces, has been sponsored by Globacom in the past 12 years, and this year’s will not be an exception.

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