Fans divided over Keshi


Following the Super Eagles win over Sudan last night, thousands of fans, who stormed the Abuja National Stadium were divided over the future of Stephen Keshi as the team’s coach. While some fans carried placard demanding for his sack, others demonstrated in favour of his continued stay.

Before the game got under way, the fans who turned out in large numbers expressed their disappoint­ment by booing the players and pelting them with sa­chet water when they ini­tially failed to impress.

Displaying placards with descriptions like ‘Keshi must go’ Mikel is a super flop to Nigerians’, ‘Keshi must bring back Ike Uche and Super’ ‘Eagles must qualify’, the fans registered their anger each time Keshi stood to give instructions to the players.

It was not only keshi that was at the receiving end , as Mikel and others were booed on several occasion. Although Mikel showed few flashes that almost won the fans over, but they were agitated when the team failed to come in the first 20 minutes of the game, resulting in the usual chant, ‘all we are saying, give us one goal’.

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