Nigerian Group Demands Arrest, Deportation of White Supremacist Wanted in America


The Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC) has urged the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to investigate and deport a wanted White Supremacist, Andrew Anglin, from Nigeria to the United States.

In a petition issued by the network’s chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju, CSNAC said it has reports that Mr. Anglin ran to Lagos after starting an harassment campaign in US.

The petition reads: “We write to formally inform you of the suspected presence of a white supremacist within the shores of Nigeria, Lagos state to be precise. The said white supremacist, Andrew Anglin, is wanted in the United States of America for starting a harassment campaign against a Jewish woman, Tanya Gersh. Andrew Anglin is the founder of the white nationalist website, The Daily Stormer.

“Reports have it that Andrew Anglin lives in Lagos where he has since referred to Lagos as a “savage” and “backward” place. In an article he wrote allegedly from Lagos, he claimed he was loved by Nigerians and referred to Nigerians as members of a “lower race”.

“Andrew is a criminal wanted in the US and should not be harboured by Nigeria. Asides that, his hate speeches and writings denigrate black people, a group that Nigerians belong to. His views and presence in Nigeria represent Nigeria in a bad light and are capable of polluting the minds of citizens and breeding groups that can prove dangerous to Nigeria’s unity and peace.”

CSNAC said it was demanding an urgent investigation of Mr. Anglin’s presence in Nigeria and determination of his particular location in Lagos.

“Following this, we request that he should be placed under arrest and the process for his repatriation to the United States be promptly activated for his subsequent trial for his crimes,” the group said.

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