What Nigerians Must Do During Sallah, by Tinubu


•APC chieftain urges prayer for president

All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday urged Nigerians to submit to the will of the almighty and pray for the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The administration, he noted, has a mission to move Nigeria out of the woods and that the purpose for which the government set out must be accomplished for the benefit of all.

“As we pray during this period, let us remember President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration in our supplications so that the government may fulfill its appointed mission by uplifting us as a nation unified in vision, direction and purpose”, the former Lagos State governor said in his Sallah message.

The message reads: “Today is Eid-el-Kabir. I congratulate Muslims in Nigeria and across the world for this festival.

“Prophet Ibrahim demonstrated his submission to Almighty Allah as exemplified by his readiness to sacrifice his only son. This is reason we celebrate the Eid.

“To mark the Eid faithfully, we must celebrate it in the same spirit of submission to the will of Allah that prophet Ibrahim showed.

“This is what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us to do. This is what we as Muslims must do and do without fail.

“Our devotion to Allah must manifest itself in how we treat our fellow man. If we are truly devoted to the will of Allah, then we must also be devoted to the wellIbeing of our neighbour.

“This occasion calls for peace, compassion, justice and tolerance. It calls for us to adhere to principles and causes greater and nobler than our own self interests. It asks us to work and strive for the betterment of community and country.

“It is these traits that must order our daily lives and our relationship with one another.”

“May Almighty Allah accept all our devotion and take it as an act of Ibadah.”

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