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CELEBRITY big boy and ladies’ man, Terry Waya, is a very determined man. So determined is he that not even his rumoured illness would stop him from regaining his groove. For some time now, there have been conflicting reports about the condition of the veteran socialite. But it would seem that all is well with the heartthrob of flower girl Eno Olafisoye, as he has been spotted at high octane parties in recent times, perhaps trying to regain the edge with which he swayed the social scene in the olden days.

It will be recalled that not long ago, diminutive Terry Waya reigned over the social scene like a Roman emperor. With loads of cash to throw around,  musicians flocked around him like bees do nectar. For a while, he was also in the good graces of powerful politicians. For example, his 40th birthday bash in London was a town-shattering affair which had more than 10 governors in attendance.

Things began to go downhill for Terry when some of those he hobnobbed with fell out of favour, leading him to scurry into his cocoon to avoid the attention of law enforcement agents. But he has lately appeared at some high profile events, including the wedding of Otunba Niyi Adebayo’s son, Richard. He looked fine and dapper at the event.

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