BREAKING: Floods Take Over Abuja-Lokoja Highway



From Emmanuel Adeyemi, Lokoja


Travelers on the Abuja- Lokoja highway are now stranded as the road is heavily flooded making it difficult for them to continue with their journeys.

The flooded area is the Nataco Junction at Seriki Numan Village about 1km to Lokoja.

There was heavy rainfall that lasted for about three hours in Lokoja and its environs Thursday morning coupled with run-off from the mountains which led to the flooding.

The heavy rain added to the water level of River Niger that runs parallel with the road at that point.

The high ebb of the river spilled water over the banks that got overflown raising fears of the flood disaster that happened in 2012 which ravaged nine local government areas.

Travelers from Abuja, according to our findings are stranded around Okumi Village while those going towards the north stopped at the Nataco Junction.

Eye witness account said in few hours from now the water may recede paving way for the motorists to pass through but it was observed that some motorists are already navigating through the flooded area.


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