MAJE Ayida is a fitness and wellness coach, who is a lifestyle guru. After spending 10 years in the banking industry in the United Kingdom, Maje returned to Nigeria in 2000. He is the chief executive of Eden Lifestyle. He is an international speaker, a writer, and very well known in the wellness and spa circles across Africa. Last weekend, the trainer, who is Itsekiri from Delta State, drilled women on fitness moves at the EMAC SMEARATHON 2017 Cervical Cancer walk in Lagos. At the end of the session he shared with Sunday Sun his list of favourites.

Favourite colour?

Black. Because it is simple. And I’m a simple person

Favourite Food?

I like Chinese food. My second favourite is groundnut soup. I like Eba too. But starch with banga soup is the best. I’m a Delta person and that’s our main dish.

Favourite weather

Sunshine always. I love the sun. It is beautiful. But not when it’s like 100 degrees though.

Favourite book?

I’m reading a book right now; it is something to do with warriors. Every man and woman must have a warrior spirit.

Favourite holiday destination?

London will always be my favourite destination. For exotic visits, I love Greece. Greece is a beautiful place with amazing islands.

Favourite car?

My own. (Laughs)

Favourite leader?

I admire my father. He loved tennis. Tennis is his sports. The first thing he taught me as a kid is that he bought me a tennis racket and gave me lessons and brought me into the game. His name is Allison Ayida. He used to be in politics.

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