…Odegbami cries foul, petitions FIFA


Ex-international, Chief Segun Odegbami, has filed a protest over his disenfranchisement by the Electoral Committee conducting the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) elections billed for Warri next week.

In the protest to the Sports Minister Dr Tammy Danago­go which was also forwarded to world soccer governing body, FIFA insisted that the elections slated for Septem­ber 30 were not in line with FIFA’s directive, a situation, he argued, could plunge the Nigerian football into more crisis.

The protest letter made available to Saturday Sun­sports stated in part: “It appears that several stake­holders, including me, are disenfranchised. We are be­ing denied the opportunity to participate in a transparent and impartial election by the actions so far taken since the congress.”

Odegbami wondered why the NFF is rushing into an election that would not com­ply with FIFA’s directive of a free, fair and credible poll.

“What is wrong with do­ing what the rules and the statutes say? Why do we choose short cuts and fire-brigade approach to things that lead to a rape on jus­tice and fair play and make a mockery of integrity and transparency?” Odegbami asked in the letter.

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